Facial Radiance

Facial Radiance is an anti-aging and stress relieving massage technique for both women and men of all ages. The hour long sublime treatment focuses on the meridians in the head and face and the facial muscles. The treatment includes a head and neck massage and ends with a foot massage to ground and finish. No need to remove your clothes or make up for this wonderful session! Book a one-off Facial Radiance treatment, or for optimal results five treatments over five weeks is recommended - and then fortnightly or monthly to maintain and refresh.

Benefits for the Face:

  • Eases tension held in the face

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Improves epidermal elasticity

  • Tones facial muscles

  • Plumps the skin, for a radiant glow

  • Reduces fine lines

  • Face and neck appear more contoured

  • Eyes clearer and more open


Benefits for the whole body:

  • Deep relaxation of body and mind

  • Indirect gentle stimulation of body organs via the meridians